Dog Boarding

About our Dog Boarding Kennel and Canine Care Facility

We offer top of the line accomodations for your dog or puppy and our educated caring staff provides the best care for your pet.

Boarding Prices

East Wing Boarding

East Wing Boarding Our East Wing rooms come with bolstered fleece bedding. The rooms are heated and air conditioned with continuous playing soothing music. No matter which room you choose - your dog can have the opportunity to play and socialize in our exercise yards 4 to 5 times a day for an additional fee. Our trained stewards keep a constant watch over the dogs.

Standard Room - $55.00 per night
4' x 5' inside / 4' x 5' covered outside patio

Deluxe Room - $65.00 per night
6' x 5' inside / 6' x 5' covered outside patio

West Wing Boarding

West Wing Boarding These ten rooms are located in the West Wing. They are double the size of our East Wing rooms. The spacious suites have been designed to meet the needs of the most pampered pooches. They boast fleece bedding, ceiling fans, and covered outdoor patios where your dog(s) can relax with friends.

Suites - $75.00 per night
8' x 5' inside / 40' x 5' community covered patio


A Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard only) will guarantee your pet's boarding. This is to reserve your pet's room and in the event there is a cancellation or no-show the day of. A 24 Hour notice of cancellation is requested, otherwise there will be a one night charge applied to the credit card.

Kennel Rules

  • The KennelsEvery dog entering for boarding, grooming, daycare or training must be up to date on all shots. The required shots are Rabies & Distemper (which are one year or 3 year vaccines) and Bordetella (suggested to be given every 6 months).
  • All dogs must wear a collar and should enter/exit the kennel on a leash at all times.
  • We recommend highly that all dogs be on flea and tick preventative. (If a dog has fleas at time of boarding, they will automatically get a flea bath or dip (at owners expense).
  • We supply beds and toys but are you are still welcome to bring those items of comfort from home.
  • We serve a premium lamb and rice dog food as our kennel food.

Services available at additional charge

  • Sharing a room with an additional dog in ANY size room is $35.00 per night.
  • If your pet requires a special diet there is a $5.00 per meal fee.
  • Medication will be administered at $5.00 per dispense.
  • Pick up or drop off beyond office hours, weekends, or holidays $20.00.
  • A 1 hour visit to FreeWay park with a kennel steward $20.00.
  • Pet departures after 12:00pm on any given day will incur a 1/2 Day of Daycare charge of $20.00.
  • Extra playtime (socializing/daycare) or just additional alone time with a kennel steward $20.00.


  • Our kennel uses exercise areas for your pets to play and socialize. We have the right to refuse a dog if its behavior is a threat to us or our other boarders.
  • If pet arrives or departs on Weekends and/or Holidays, there will be an additional $20.00 charge added
  • Any departures after 12:00 noon on any given day will incur a Half a Day Daycare charge of $20.00.
  • We charge an additional handling fee of $15.00 per day for: Male dogs that are NOT NEUTERED; Female dogs that are NOT SPAYED; Any dog that is UNRULY or AGGRESSIVE to the point of separation. (THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO PUPPIES UNDER ONE YEAR)
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